Experience DevOps

A hands-on workshop for DevOps culture


Here are some resources mentioned or used in the Experience DevOps workshops. We have kept the details brief but attentive attendees should be able to reconstruct the activities and exercises from these materials. Contact us if you need reminding how a particular exercise or activity worked!

Recommended reading


These slides decks relate to much of the material in most of the workshops:

Culture and sharing

DevOps Team Topologies

See the updated material on Team Topologies at teamtopologies.com 

Joining up Agile and ITSM for DevOps success

Software operability, Run Book collaboration, and DevOps

What does DevOps culture feel like?

The exact slides used in each Experience DevOps workshop change quite a bit.

Exercises and activities

Here are some reminders of the exercises and activities during the workshop.

Learning aims

  • Index cards
  • Sharpies

Shared goals

  • Chairs (etc.)
  • Three instruction cards

Experience DevOps

DevOps Tools

  • Whiteboard

Some DevOps tools DevOps tools capabilities

Tools scenarios

  1. Pete’s Pooch Emporium
  2. Globo Text
  3. Beryl Fynch

Software operability

  • Balls
  • Platforms
  • Clips

Software operability exercise

Ball flow and constraints

  • Balls
  • Cups
  • Whiteboards



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